Core FAQ’s2018-12-07T13:30:57+12:00
Is pricing for CORE available?2018-12-07T13:23:19+12:00

Pricing is not yet available. Because CORE is so flexible and dynamic, we’ll fit CORE to your needs. Pricing will be based on the modules, integrations, facility size, and a number of features needed. CORE can be a one-stop-shop or an al la carte offering depending on your unique needs.

How does CORE work?2018-12-07T13:22:28+12:00

CORE is a cloud software platform, device management system, and predictive analytics tool for the self-storage industry from PTI that works by listening and learning from your onsite devices and reporting that information via custom dashboards in our online portal. The same way you can monitor and change your smart thermostat from your mobile device, PTI CORE allows you to access, view, and even send commands to your on-premise devices. Achieve operational excellence with this amazing new self-storage technology!

Will CORE work with Digitech?2018-12-07T13:21:48+12:00

Yes, there is no need for additional hardware. CORE will work with the Digitech system controller (SysCon).

Will CORE work with my property management software?2018-12-07T13:20:09+12:00

Absolutely. CORE integrates with all major management software programs used in self-storage today, and a number of other systems and tools are easily integrated into the CORE PLATFORM via a standard API. More information about integration will become available as CORE nears general release. Make sure not to miss any product updates or releases by subscribing at the bottom of this page.

Do I need to purchase a new system or equipment?2018-12-07T13:20:53+12:00

There’s no need to buy new hardware! PTI CORE™ works with your existing PTI and Digitech (DigiGate) access control equipment.

When will CORE be avaliable?2018-12-07T13:18:50+12:00

PTI CORE™ will be available to self storage owners and operators in the first half of 2018. Be the first to know when CORE becomes available by subscribing to receive updates at the bottom on this page.



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